A Cybersecurity Training Platform Designed For Your Needs

Plan, execute, review and act in a consolidated Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform.

Set, Create and Achieve Your Cybersecurity Training Goals

Enjoy the benefits of our advanced Cybersecurity LMS, integrated with the MITRE
ATT&CK framework and our proprietary educational ML engine.

Cybersecurity competent employees

Skilled board and senior management

Cybersecurity talent development and retention

Risk management and mitigation

Large talent pool with minimized talent mishire cost

Immersive and Hands-On
Training for Real-Life Current Cyber Attacks

Gamified Learning

It’s All About Motivation
Integrated competition elements, instant feedback mechanisms and other game
elements, make your team learning optimal, with longer retention periods
Integrated Learning Cycle
From training brief, through methodic and audited execution to the debrief phase, your team follows efficient learning cycle, maximizing their progress while implementing a healthy leaning culture
Hands-On Experience
Designed to provide a safe hands-on experience, where trainees can experience life-like cyber-attacks, operate relevant tools and procedures, and learn from their mistakes

Performance Dashboard

Cybersecurity Readiness Score
Bottom-line assessment of your team cybersecurity readiness, based on their collective performance over time
MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Map

Review team MITRE ATT&CK framework coverage and performance, analyze gaps and adapt future trainings accordingly

Team Members Performance Dashboard

View team members nominal performance, compared to other team members. Up skill your leading performers and address knowledge and skill gaps for others.

Dynamic and Flexible

Time To Training

Flexible scenario creation wizards enable rapid creation of training scenarios. From
newly exposed critical vulnerabilities to required updates for your planned training, your team enjoys the quickest Time-to-Training

Dynamic Scenarios

Immersive training evolves per trainee actions, providing a life-like environment and opponent. Our unique auditing sensors and engine are designed specifically to enable these advanced training services

Built For Scale

As an Enterprise-first platform, we have designed and developed a cloud-native TaaS platform, providing an unlimited scale your team can enjoy.